Snow and sow

I bought ice melt and vegetable seeds today. A symbolic meeting of two seasons. High hopes for a bounteous tomato crop and anything else that takes.

The nasty chemical is ready for the piling up of ice, especially on the porch so poorly designed that when snow melts from the roof it drips all day and freezes at night. Dangerous. No one has been seriously injured there yet, but I have had painful encounters with money-sucking courtroom snakes.

When I shovel our steep driveway, the ice melt reduces the chance of a fall. Shovel an area, spread ice melt and work my way down. One shoveling adventure a decade or so ago, I fell three times hard on my hip. I then realized that I shouldn’t be letting that happen. Gravity eventually wins.

My wife bought a snow blower to save me, but I haven’t wrestled with it for years.

Almost time to turn to weeding. I’m looking forward to it. I’ll give it about an hour.





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